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The Case of Calcium Chloride Desiccant for Car Headlights

Sep 23,2022 | Bond

In May 2018, we received an inquiry from the USA.

Our car fleet is from the United States and we are going on a 2-month long trip. During the previous trip, we found that the water vapor inside the headlights is no longer a mist, but large water droplets, and we also found that the water droplets in the headlights will not evaporate for a long time and even accumulate inside the light cavity.
So we would like to know, do you guys offer moisture proof solutions for car headlights?

After talking at length with their fleet, our product specialists learned about the problem they were experiencing, which was unusual, but involved driving safety and required more attention.

moisture in car headlights

Modern vehicles' headlights are molded sometimes, but most are not airtight; their internal and external gas exchange is through the ventilation tube at the back of the headlight cluster. This design allows the headlights to work when the high temperature generated can be discharged to the outside of the lamp cover.

Generally, water vapor will gradually disappear as the vehicle turns on the lights. The heat generated by the light fever turns the moisture into water vapor in the car, but the vehicle sealing is not enough due to the wet weather. Another reason, there will be water vapor does not disappear for a long time or even water accumulation, which will affect the lighting effect and will seriously lead to short circuits and leakage of the vehicle light set. So for the headlights, a dry environment is essential.

car moisture absorber desiccant

Customers have also used some methods, such as taking a hair dryer to blow, opening the heat of the high beam, and running a long distance of 4 hours, but still can not dry the water vapor inside the headlights. However, anti-fog coating interior of the car headlights, the anti-fog layer is formed by reducing the surface tension of the flat water film so that it will not scatter the light. It can not completely solve the problem of the internal existence of water beads fog vapor, so there are safety hazards during the driving process.

After in-depth communication, Without replacing the lights, our product experts recommend car headlight desiccant as a solution for dehumidifying headlights, which is 1000g one pack, 560*160mm, DuPont paper fabric.

The advantage of our improved formula calcium chloride desiccant is it has a 300% moisture absorption rate. With DuPont paper, it will not leak at all and can protect car headlights well.

desiccant for car headlights

We built a lasting satisfying collaboration from this solution.

If you have similar needs, please get in touch with us, and we will customize the moisture absorber solution to meet your specific requirements.

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