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Montmorillonite  Desiccant 5g
Montmorillonite  Desiccant 5g
Montmorillonite  Desiccant 5g
Montmorillonite  Desiccant 5g

Montmorillonite Desiccant 5g

Product size: 4.5*5.6cm

Packing details: 3000pcs/box ,1000pcs/bag, 3 bags/box

Box size: 46*28*26cm

The sealed space is 0.008-0.027 cubic meters with 5 grams.

Product introduction

Montmorillonite desiccant (particle size: 0.5-1 small grams recommended, 1-4 large grams):

It is made of pure natural montmorillonite as raw material, dried and activated. It does not contain any additives and soluble substances. It is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-pollution, green and environmentally friendly product with excellent compatibility.


Application scope

Semiconductors, electronic components, metal products, military products, precision instruments, clothing, handicrafts/woven products, etc.


Features and advantages

1. The moisture absorption rate can reach more than 23% of its total amount.

2. Natural, green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, pollution-free, no environmental pollution, and degradable.

3. Compared with silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant is cheap and has superior performance. It is an ideal substitute for silica gel.

4. Passed RoHS, REACH, DMFfree and other certifications


How to use and precautions

1 How to use: Place in a carton or package with the product.

2. Please seal the unused items promptly.



Montmorillonite  Desiccant 5g

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