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The Case of Calcium Chloride Desiccant for Lithium Battery

Jan 04,2023 | Bond

In Dec 2022, we received an inquiry from Canada.

Hi, What is the cost of 20g and 50g packs? I need it inside lithium battery cases.

As we know, lithium-ion or Li-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that uses the reversible reduction of lithium ions to store energy. It is the predominant battery type used in portable consumer electronics and electric vehicles. 

Some tips on battery storage include separating old and new batteries, Storing them at room temperature or below, Keeping them away from metal objects, and, most importantly, making sure to control the humidity.

iphone lion battery

Our product experts recommend Super dry desiccant. It has double layers, won't leak at all, and is a small bag with 300% moisture absorber efficiency.

the customer was satisfied with this solution. 

We built a lasting satisfying collaboration from this solution.

If you have similar needs, please contact us, and we will customize the moisture absorber solution to meet your specific requirements.

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