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The Case of Calcium Chloride Desiccant for Underground Mining Equipment

Nov 16,2022 | Bond

In Oco 2014, we received an inquiry from South Africa.

Hello, we are looking for a kind of desiccant can working in the underground moisture and hot environment, cause we are mining company in South Africa, could you recommend?

After further communication, our product experts learned that desiccant is used in mining machines, so why is desiccant used in mining machines?

mining machine

In underground mines, many heat sources cause the increase of temperature and humidity of air during its travel through mine airways and production workings. 

Complex mines need a complete ventilation system and dehumidification system, and refrigeration system, in which desiccant plays an essential role in the dehumidification system.

desiccant for mine machine

A damp underground environment will make the electrical equipment in the mine damp, and this situation may cause a lot of harm. First of all, the insulation performance of the equipment will decline, insulation aging will accelerate, and very low voltage will also cause discharge, resulting in insulation material breakdown, followed by the mining equipment oxidation corrosion will accelerate so that the conductor coupling contact resistance increases, resulting in local overheating. Finally, the mining equipment in the damp underground environment will also increase its depreciation rate, decrease efficiency use, and increase maintenance costs.

desiccant for mine equipment

Our product experts recommend super dry desiccant for him, which primary material is calcium chloride, it has 300% more efficiency than silica gel desiccant, so it can save money by using less and devoting time to replace it because it can last up to 60 days.

We built a lasting satisfying collaboration from this solution.

If you have similar needs, please get in touch with us, and we will customize the moisture absorber solution to meet your specific requirements.

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