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The Case of Calcium Chloride Desiccant for Marshmallow

Nov 22,2022 | Bond

In Dec 2021, we received an inquiry from China.

Hello, nice to meet you, our product marshmallows need a desiccant to keep the exterior dry and tasty, can you recommend one? if needed, we can send our product for you guys to test.(original language is Chinese, translated by Bond)

A marshmallow is a candy. Modern marshmallow is made of gelatin, whipped egg whites, vanilla extract, and sugar. Gelatin is usually derived from the bones of animals. The finished marshmallow is generally shaped and cut into 1-inch (2.54 cm) or smaller cylinders and may be rolled in powdered sugar or cornstarch, giving the exterior a dry texture.


Cause there is sugar or cornstarch powder in the marshmallow surface, it is essential to make it in a dry condition.

Before the test, our product experts have two optional choices: the first is to use silica gel desiccant, which may produce extrusion with the marshmallow and affect the shape of the marshmallow; it needs a bigger pack, maybe 5g or 10g to take effect.

So after the test, we chose another option. We used a 1g single-layer calcium chloride desiccant. Instead, the advantage is that it is flat, so it will not affect the shape of the marshmallow, and the moisture absorption efficiency is 300% more than silica gel desiccant, which can make the overall weight lighter.

desiccant for marshmallow

We built a lasting satisfying collaboration from this solution.

If you have similar needs, please get in touch with us, and we will customize the moisture absorber solution to meet your specific requirements.

(Thanks for reading; this article may be redacted to protect customer privacy.)

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Evelyn Bjornson
Oct 28,2023
I just purchased the Single Gel Pack 2 Gram package. How many do I put in a pint/quart canning jar for dry canning beans, rice noodles etc.?