Absorb King Clay Desiccant Round Clay Packet Opp Bag Packaging 6g
Absorb King Clay Desiccant Round Clay Packet Opp Bag Packaging 6g

Absorb King Clay Desiccant Round Clay Packet Opp Bag Packaging 6g

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  • Sustainability: Absorbking offers sustainable clay desiccants for storage, crafted from natural bentonite clay and responsibly packaged in biodegradable Kraft paper, completely free of plastics. It's an eco-friendly alternative to silica gel desiccants for your daily storage needs.
  • Maximum Protection: Bentonite clay, used in Absorbking, outperforms silica gel and other synthetic desiccants, effectively reducing humidity levels inside your packages. This premium-grade material consistently delivers top-notch performance, safeguarding your valuables from moisture damage with Absorbking anti-moisture packs.
  • Safety: Made entirely from 100% bentonite clay, a natural and safe ingredient, Absorbking ensures safety through responsible Kraft paper packaging that is leak-free and remains dry at all times. Protect your valuables with peace of mind. Sachet Dimensions: 2" x 2.4" (5cm x 6cm).
  • Versatile Usage: Absorbking's moisture-absorbing properties keep products dry and shield them from various forms of moisture damage, extending the shelf-life of perishable goods. You can use Absorbking with a wide range of consumer products, including but not limited to textiles, footwear, leather goods, homeware, wood items, metal items, electronics, cameras, jewelry, watches, glassware, musical instruments, dry foods, spices, pet foods, vitamins, tools, and much more.
  • Economical & User-Friendly: Simply place your items with Absorbking in a tightly sealed container to protect them from moisture damage. One 6-gram pack is suitable for a shoebox-sized container (6 quarts). For higher humidity conditions or extremely moisture-sensitive products, consider using additional packs and replacing Absorbking every 3 months.

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