Silica gel desiccant has lots of features:

  • The main raw material is silica, which is non-toxic, odorless, and stable in form.
  • Silica gel materials are usually three colors:
  1. Transparent silica gel, can't change color, environmentally friendly;
  2. blue silica gel (turns red after absorbing moisture, not environmentally friendly);
  3. orange silica gel (turns green after absorbing moisture, environmentally friendly)
  • Color-changing silicone can be reused up to 10 times, and the color will be restored by microwave heating.
  • Silicone material moisture absorption rate is generally 8%-15%, but our high-quality silicone material moisture absorption rate is up to 30%
  • Silica gel is the only desiccant recognized by FDA that can be in direct contact with food.
  • Food and medical desiccant always use silica gel desiccant, it has bags, packs, strips, and canister packaging.
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