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The Case of Calcium Chloride Desiccant for Camera Shipping

Oct 25,2022 | Bond

In Nov 2018, we received an inquiry from China.

Hi, glad to see you, I am doing camera export business, I do use the camera moisture proof box, but the lens of camera still have moisture, my customer was mad about this, can you offer some solutions about camera shipping?(original language is Chinese, translated by Bond)

The camera is a high-value, precision instrument. When dust gets inside an interchangeable lens camera or fungus grows on the lens due to high humidity levels, it is not easy to remove.

What camera protection box our customer used is shown below. This box can indeed prevent photographic equipment from being wet by rain when it rains (because the rain will flow along the exterior of the box to other places). Still, it does not have the function of absorbing moisture in the air, so if it encounters container rain, water will still enter the box.

Camera protect box with hygrometer

This simple dry box is an easy storage method consisting of an airtight plastic container that places desiccant, so we recommend a double layer of super dry desiccant. When a camera is shipping, it needs two bags in the protective box.

desiccant for camera protect box

However, just putting desiccant in the camera protection box is still insufficient. We recommend to them an improved formula container desiccant. It is non-toxic and non-polluting and can be discarded directly after use.

We built a lasting satisfying collaboration from this solution.

If you have similar needs, please get in touch with us, and we will customize the moisture absorber solution to meet your specific requirements.

(Thanks for reading; this article may be redacted to protect customer privacy.)

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