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Brand Story

The founder of Absorb King, Mr. Xiang.

Due to Failed to notice the harmful effects of moisture on clothes during shipping once, which led to huge losses, he have to pay more attention to desiccant. With in-depth use and research, he notice there still some impovement of the desiccant, so he begin to figure out Ingredients of desiccant and modified desiccant formulation, and offer modified desiccants to other companies in 2007, to reduce their damage due to moisture in cargo storage and transportation.

We were the first company in China to use calcium chloride desiccant, but that's not enough, we are still trying to develop economical, reusable desiccants with high moisture absorption efficiency today.


Now in 2022, Absorb king has helped thousands of companies in various industries, we are proud to say that if you need an anti-moisture solution, we are your best choice!

our mission

Water has countless benefits,
But sometimes it can be troublesome.


Our mission is to help more global businesses avoid loss by assisting them to better store and transport their goods without deterioration.


We have been on this road for 15 years.

But never stop.


In the future, we will still develop new materials and adopt new processes.

I hope we can help more companies avoid property damage.


Absorb King Factory Show