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Customized Desiccant Solutions - Tailored Just for You

As a professional desiccant manufacturer, we understand that each of our clients has unique requirements. That's why we're proud to introduce our product customization service, aimed at crafting a desiccant solution exclusively for you. Our goal is to ensure that your products maintain their optimal condition in any environment.

Professional Customization Options - Your Needs, Our Mission

Professional Customization Options - Your Needs, Our Mission

1、Packaging Material Customization

We offer customized packaging material services to create sturdy packaging materials according to your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of materials such as Kraft Paper, Tyvek Paper, Non-woven Fabric, OPP Film, Parchment Paper, Composite Paper, Fiber Paper, Grid Paper, and more.

For example, if you prefer to use grid paper for packaging a 50g montmorillonite desiccant, we can customize it for you. However, please note that the minimum order quantity for customization is 100,000 packages. The minimum order quantity may vary for different products, so please consult our customer service for specific details.

2、Size Customization

To meet your product packaging needs, we offer size customization services. With a range of sizes available from 1g to 2000g, whether you require small, delicate packaging or large capacity options, we have you covered.

For instance, the standard size for a 5g silica gel desiccant with composite paper is 45*56mm. However, if you require a size of 35*70mm, we can customize it for you. Similarly, the minimum order quantity for customization is 100,000 packages, and for specific sizes, please consult our customer service.

2、Size Customization
3、Layout Customization

3、Layout Customization

We offer customized layouts tailored to your printing requirements, including the free combination of text, patterns, logos, and other elements. If you have a logo, authorization needs to be provided, and we will confirm the minimum order quantity for printing and the layout fee. Utilizing advanced printing technology, we ensure that the printed layout of the desiccant is clear, vibrant, and long-lasting.

Throughout the layout customization process, our customer service team will provide attentive assistance. Whether it's modifying the design proposal, confirming the printing effect, or tracking the delivery schedule, we will communicate with you promptly to ensure the smooth progress of the entire customization process.

4、Formula Customization

We offer formula customization services to adjust the composition of the desiccant according to your environmental conditions, moisture resistance requirements, and specific functional needs.

Examples of our formula combinations include:

White silica gel desiccant + orange silica gel desiccant (white silica gel desiccant is cost-effective, while orange silica gel desiccant acts as an indicator)

White silica gel desiccant+ blue silica gel desiccant (commonly used for moisture indication in industrial equipment)

Silica gel desiccant + activated carbon (for moisture absorption and odor elimination)

Calcium chloride desiccant+ tapioca powder (turns into a paste after absorbing moisture, suitable for precision electronic instruments and devices)

These are just a few examples of our formula combinations, and we have many more options available. We will recommend the most suitable formula for your product based on your business needs.

For instance, if you are in the clothing industry and require a desiccant that absorbs moisture while eliminating odors from clothing, we can customize a formula with silica gel desiccant and activated carbon to fulfill it. If you require specific formula proportions, we can also tailor them for you. However, please note that there is a minimum order quantity for customization, and you can inquire about it through our customer service.

4、Formula Customization
5、Packaging Customization

5、Packaging Customization

To meet your sales or distribution needs, we offer packaging customization services, allowing you to allocate packaging quantities according to your requirements.

For example, for a 3g desiccant with a 300cc capacity, if you prefer each box to contain 50 packs/bags × 30 bags, we can customize it for you. However, please note that the minimum order quantity may vary for different products, so please consult our customer service for specific details.

Customization Process - A Concise and Reliable Collaboration Process

  • 1、Contact our customer service team to discuss your customization requirements in detail. Confirm the raw materials, packaging materials, dimensions, layout, moisture absorption requirements, and packaging requirements. Multiple customization options are available. We will provide you with a quotation.
  • 2、Communicate your requirements.
  • 3、Customized products cannot be returned or refunded for non-quality issues.
  • 4、The delivery period is 20-25 days, which will be confirmed through negotiation.
  • 5、Payment method: Pay 50% deposit upon placing the order, and settle the balance before shipment.
  • 6、Provide pre-production samples of the bulk order for your confirmation. After confirmation, proceed with bulk production. Production photos will be sent during shipment, and customization details will be documented for future reference.

Cooperation Advantages - Providing Only the Finest Products

Personalized Customization: Meet your unique drying needs, enhancing product competitiveness.

In-house Factory: Fully equipped industrial facilities, with a daily production capacity of 30 tons, catering to large-scale customer demands.

Professional Team: Experienced R&D and production teams to offer you professional customization services.

Quick Response: Efficient production processes ensuring prompt order delivery.

Stringent Testing: Each batch of desiccants undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Cost Optimization: Provide reasonable customization solutions according to your needs to reduce production costs.

Customer Retention Rate: Our customer retention rate is over 95%.

Customer First - Your Satisfaction, Our Promise

Dedicated Service Team: You will have an exclusive customer service team ready to answer your questions and provide professional and comprehensive after-sales service. Quick Response: We pledge to respond promptly to all inquiries and orders, ensuring your needs are met in a timely manner. Our 24-hour online customer service is always available. Choosing us means choosing professionalism and quality. Let's work together to create a better future and ensure the success of your products! Customize your exclusive desiccant, keep your products away from moisture troubles, and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that dryness brings. Please contact us to start your customization journey!